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+5 Persuasion True Dungeon Dragon and Harpy T-Shirt

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Show your True Dungeon pride and spirit by wearing this t-shirt with the True Dungeon logo surrounded by a Red Dragon and Harpy!

A little known unprovable fact is that while wearing this t-shirt in the dungeon, it grants you a +5 to Persuasion rolls when negotiating with a Red Dragon or Harpy. Tell the DM that it's true, you read it on the internet!

Here's a free Lore roll in case you face one of this mighty foes in the near future:

Red Dragon:
Red dragons were physically distinguished by their enormous size and wingspan. They had two large horns upon their heads, which pointed backwards toward their wings. They smelled of smoke and sulfur.

A harpy had the upper body of a female humanoid and the lower body of an reptilian creature, with scaly legs, clawed feet, and clawed hands with knotty fingers. Harpies had coal-black eyes in faces like cruel old women, with hair that was filthy, tangled, and crusted with old dry blood. They possessed powerful leathery wings with which they could fly and carry away their victims.

This t-shirt was screen printed in the USA on black 100% cotton.

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