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Trent Tokens

Adventurers’ Guild Early Access VTD code, Button, and Token - 2021

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Want to buy your VTD tickets one day before the general public?

An Adventurers’ Guild code will grant you the opportunity to purchase your Virtual True Dungeon adventure for 5a (and any future VTD 2021 adventures) one day before the general public!

After your purchase, you will be emailed your AG code which you can then add to your account. Once added, you'll be able to buy your VTD tickets for 5a (and any future VTD 2021 adventures) earlier than the general public! And once True Dungeon delivers the buttons and tokens, the total items you will receive will be:

  1. Adventurers’ Guild code emailed to you.

  2. 2021 Adventurers’ Guild Button*

  3. Goggles of Ethereal Vision token* (When attacking an Incorporeal creature, the wearer’s attacks do not suffer the 50% miss chance)


*Will be mailed to you as soon as it arrives from True Dungeon.


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