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Amulet of Aiming - 2022 (Gold) - C6

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Note: This is a Consignment Token (hence the C6), which means a True Dungeon adventurer is selling it through Trent Tokens. But as with all Trent Tokens products, once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a tracking number and your token will be promptly mailed to you!

The critical hit range of all attack slides made by the wearer is increased to a natural 19 or 20. This item has no effect on attacks which already have a crit range wider than 20.

This item does not enable the wearer to critically hit creatures normally immune to crits, but it can be used in conjunction with other tokens that overcome crit immunity.

Text On Token: Critical Hit range extended to “19-20” on all your attack slides

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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