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Arrow of Ricochet - 2017 (Gold)

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On a successful hit from a bow, this arrow will deal a 10 damage to a secondary target. The attacker chooses the target from eligible recipients. (In most cases, an eligible recipient will be any other monster in the room, but there may be times when a secondary target is out of range, has cover, or is in some way not attackable.

Rule of thumb: if the secondary target could have been the primary target, it’s almost certainly an eligible target.) The ricochet damage cannot affect the initial target of the arrow–it must be a different monster. This token must be declared (turned in) before sliding the weapon token.

The secondary damage is not affected by the attacker’s damage modifiers, it’s just a flat 10 damage. However, if the victim has damage mitigaters, those could still apply.

Text on Token: Deals 10 pts of damage to a 2nd target if 1st monster is hit (One use)

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