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Asher’s +5 Viper Strike Fang - 2014 (Orange) - C26


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Note: This is a Consignment Token (hence the C26), which means a True Dungeon adventurer is selling it through Trent Tokens. But as with all Trent Tokens products, once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a tracking number and your token will be promptly mailed to you!

Like all +5 weapons, the DM will add +5 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

The damage wheel includes 2 points of Poison damage which will be deducted if the victim of the attack is immune to Poison damage.

Monks may wield one or two of these in conjunction with their flurry of blows attack.

This item is part of the Viper Strike Set.
When at least three items are equipped, no matter what class that character is, that character gains +2 To Hit on all attack slides–including spells cast from the character card, but not scrolls. In addition to the To Hit bonus, monks and rogues gain an additional benefit with attacks made with Viper Strike fangs:
Monks: If their Viper Strike weapon critically hits, that attack deals +5 Poison damage–which will get doubled to 10 because it’s a critical hit. (If you prefer to think of this as +10 Poison damage which is not doubled, that’s fine.) This Poison damage is in addition to the 2 Poison damage built into the weapon’s damage wheel and it too will be deducted if the victim of the attack is immune to Poison. If a monk attacks with one Viper Strike fang and some other weapon (including bare hands or a bracer weapon), only attacks made with the Viper Strike fang can benefit from the Viper Strike set bonus.
Rogues: When making a sneak attack with a Viper Strike weapon, the bonus damage from the sneak attack (+15 if the rogue is 4th level or +20 if the rogue is 5th level) is doubled if a critical hit is scored. Under normal circumstances, only the non-bonus damage from a sneak attack is doubled on a crit.

Note: In order for monks or rogues to benefit from their respective Viper Strike set bonuses, their attack must be made with a Viper Strike fang and the character must be under the influence of the Viper Strike set bonus. Attacks made with a Viper Strike fang while not under the influence of the Viper Strike set do not gain the aforementioned bonuses.

  • Asher’s +5 Viper Strike Fang
  • +2 Viper Strike Fang
  • +3 Viper Strike Fang
  • Viper Strike Belt
  • Viper Strike Shirt

There is no additional set bonus for equipping more than three Viper Strike items.

This Transmuted token requires all of these items to construct:

  • 1× +3 Viper Strike Fang
  • 1× Viper Strike Belt
  • 1× Viper Strike Shirt
  • 1× Venom Runestone
  • 4× Alchemist’s Ink
  • 12× Alchemist’s Parchment
  • 4× Aragonite
  • 18× Darkwood Plank
  • 24× Dwarven Steel
  • 3× Elven Bismuth
  • 2× Enchanter’s Munition
  • 1× Golden Fleece
  • 6× Minotaur Hide
  • 4× Mystic Silk
  • 2× Oil of Enchantment
  • 6× Philosopher’s Stone
  • 1× 25,000 GP Eldritch Bar
    plus ONLY ONE of the following:
  • Wish Ring
  • the equivalent of 15,000 GP in Reserve bars

Text On Token:
 Damage includes 2 pts of Poison

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