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Trent Tokens

Ash's Death Pouch - 2018 (Gold)


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If the owner of this item dies before reaching the final room of the adventure, the owner has the option to “pay off Death” and return to life. The state of life one is returned to depends on how much Death was paid:

Amount Paid = Hit Points Restored
2,000 GP = Full HP
1,000 GP = 10 HP
200 GP = 1 HP

This item is usable once per game, even if the owner has more than one copy of this token. This item may not be used in the final room of the adventure.

Text On Token: Pay Death ransom if your hp hits “0” before final room 2,000 GP – full hp 1,000 GP – 10 hp 200 GP – 1 hp (1/game)

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