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Eldritch Runestone - 2012 (Gold)

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This token’s effect is different each year. Inquire with your coach at the beginning of the adventure for the current effect.

Runestones are single use items that are turned in to the coach prior to starting an adventure. The effects will be added to your overall stats. One runestone may be used per adventure.

Previous benefits granted for turning in this token:
 Immunity to Dark-Stain. (Dark-Stained characters cannot be healed.)
2013 Dungeon: Effect varied by adventure:
 Golembane: Character gained +3 retribution damage as Shock.
 Lycans Afoot: Character became immune to Surprise and Disease.
2013 Grind: Character sprouted an extra arm, thus:
• Character could equip an extra ring
• Character got an extra hand and could hold an extra off-hand item
2014 Who’s Your Con Grind: Once during the Grind, you could allow the re-slide of a combat slider. This could have been used on your slide, or another party member’s.
2014 Flight of the Zephyr: Gain 100% immunity to Shock damage
2014 Into the Viper’s Pit: Gain 100% immunity to Poison damage
2015 Grind: Use any single token, ignoring normal class restrictions
2015 Dungeons: Gain the Dark Gnome sub-type: +1 STR & +2 CON
2016 2-hour Adventures: +2 to all saving throws
2016 Grind: +20 to max HP
2017-18 Season 2-hour Adventures: You may equip one extra ioun stone
2017-18 Season Grind: Once per game, you may either recast one of your spells or reuse one of your class abilities/powers
2018-19 Season 2-hour Adventures: Cold damage inflicted upon you is reduced by 5 per attack
2018-19 Season Grind: Berserker Fury: You may only melee attack as your Standard Action. Player also gets +10 points to split between their melee hit and melee damage stats.
2019-20 Season 2-hour Adventures: Fire damage inflicted upon you is reduced by 5 per attack
2020 Season 2-hour Adventures: Immunity to the trap the soul effect
2021 VTD: 1/game, negate the damage and effects of a physical attack to your character. It may be invoked proactively or retroactively. (more details)

This Transmuted token required all of these items to construct:

  • 1× Eldritch Dust
  • 1× Spirit Runestone
  • 1× Shirt of Spiritward
  • 1× Sun Runestone
    plus ONLY ONE of the following:
  • 1× Lich Finger
  • 1× Rust Monster Antenna
  • the equivalent of 250 GP in gold, gems, and/or treasure

Last Day to Transmute: December 1, 2013

Text On Token: Special effect each year (1 use, redeem at start)

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