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Golden Ticket Valentine's Auction - 2024 (Gold)

Auction Start Date: 02/04/24
Auction End Date: 02/14/24
Auction End Time: 11:59PM EST
Reserve Price: $1,200.00

Welcome to the Golden Ticket Valentine's auction! This auction will end on Valentine's Day, so that you can treat yourself or your sweetheart!

Every year, a very few number of Golden Ticket tokens are randomly inserted into token packs sold prior to Gen Con. The lucky recipient of a Golden Ticket is eligible to go on a special dungeon run at that year’s Gen Con or Gamehole Con. There are many surprises for those fortunate players which may include über token bags, a unique room in the adventure, or a special challenge. Fortunately, no one has been turned into a blueberry… so far!

To sign up for a 2024 GT run, see this forum post.

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Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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