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Lotus Blossom Bowls - 2018 (Gold) - C3


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Note: This is a Consignment Token (hence the C3), which means a True Dungeon adventurer is selling it through Trent Tokens. But as with all Trent Tokens products, once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a tracking number and your token will be promptly mailed to you!


Once per game, when the owner ingests any kind of healing item (consumed via the mouth), the owner may select one other character to receive an equal amount of healing. Owners of this token may not target themselves with the bonus healing effect.

Only HP-restoring effects are duplicated. Any secondary effects–positive or negative–from the ingested item only affect the owner of the Lotus Blossom Bowls. E.g., if a Potion Creeper Stout were ingested, the bowls’ owner and the other person would each regain 5 HP, but only the Lotus Blossom Bowls owner would suffer the -2 to AC penalty. If a Potion Thrall Ale were ingested, only the Lotus Blossom Bowls owner would be prevented from drinking additional potions in that room.

To be compatible with Lotus Blossom Bowls, the ingested item must restore HP expressed as an integer, not a variable such as “half” or “all.” Items which bring the dead back to life cannot be duplicated.

This item is usable once per game, even if the owner has more than one copy of this token.

This token is dedicated in fond memory of Chip Bowles. He was an amazing champion of True Dungeon, and his welcoming and generous spirit will be missed.

Text On Token: When you ingest a healing item, choose another character to heal that many hp as well (1/game)

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