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Mystic Silk (4 Tokens)

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This listing is for four Mystic Silk.

Exchanged for 25 units of any Belts, Bracers*, Cloaks, clothing, Girdles, or Gloves.

*For the purpose of converting to Trade tokens, “Bracers” (plural) are considered clothing and can be exchanged for Mystic Silk. “Bracer” (singular) is a weapon and can be exchanged for either Dwarven Steel, Elven Bismuth, or Aragonite, depending on the rarity.

Starting with the 2022 print run, anything that equips in the Torso slot counts as armor and is exchangeable for either Aragonite, Minotaur Hide, or Oil of Enchantment. This change is not retroactive. Older Torso items made out of cloth (e.g., robes) keep their previous conversion designation. If you’re not certain, look the item up here in the TDb and check its stat block.

Some Trade Tokens require 25 “units” of tokens to make one Trade Token. These 25 units are determined by the following equivalencies:

  • Rare = 6 units
  • Uncommon = 3 units
  • Common = 1 unit

For example:
25 Common tokens makes 25 units
8 Uncommon tokens + 1 Common token makes 25 units
2 Rare tokens + 3 Uncommon tokens + 4 Common tokens make 25 units

For more information about Trade Tokens, please visit

In 2017, all Trade and Reserve tokens were redesigned with new high-rez artwork and chocolate-brown backs. Owners of the old, gold-backed versions could have used their existing stock in transmuted recipes before December 1st, 2018. Free, one-to-one exchanges were done starting in September 2017. As of December 1st, 2018, the old versions are no longer exchangeable and may not be used in transmuted recipes.


Text On Token: Trade Item

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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