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Necklace of the Norns - 2018 (Platinum)

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Allows a spell caster to recast a 1st-level spell (1st-level only, not any other level of spell) on the very next round. The bonus spell is “cast as a scroll” (meaning it cannot: benefit from a skill test, be duplicated, be cast as a Free Action, nor be modified in any way) and must be cast on the very next round in order to use the effect. This can be used once per room.

Because it requires a 1st-level spell to have been cast on the previous round, this item’s power cannot be used during the first round of combat in a given room. A spell cast at the end of the previous room does not qualify.

Example: On round three of combat, Alice (playing the elf wizard) casts the last magic missile spell from her character card. She correctly answers the DM’s planar quiz, so the spell does 11 points of damage. Normally that would be her full allotment of magic missiles, but using the power of her Necklace of the Norns, she could re-cast magic missile on round four. However, since the re-casting is done “as a scroll”, no planar test is given and the spell does 8 points of damage. If she were to take any other action on round four, she would not be able to re-cast magic missile because the spell to be re-cast must be done on the very next round.

Note: The free recasting must be done on the next round. If the caster somehow loses the ability to act on the following round (either by becoming stunned or some other temporary malady), the spell cannot be recast. However, the wearer of this item could cast another 1st-level spell which could then be recast on the following round.

Q: If the “source” spell is modified, will/can the duplicated version have the same modification?
A: No. Since the duplicated spell is “cast as a scroll”, it cannot be modified, even if the “source” spell was. E.g., in round one, Alice uses her Circlet of Elemental Mastery to change ray of shock to ray of ice. On round two, Alice activates her Necklace of the Norns, to recast the spell. But since the duplicated spell is “cast as a scroll”, on round two the spell that goes off is ray of shock.

Text On Token: May re-cast a 1st level spell just cast–as scroll (1/room)

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