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Oak Runestone - 2012 (Gold)

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If a character under this effect hits a monster with a melee weapon, that monster may not fly for one round. Multiple Oak Runestone effects made in the same round do not stack, but if the monster is hit with the Oak Runestone effect every round, the monster will continue to stay grounded for as long as the character(s) can continue to it with the Oak Runestone effect. If the monster is in flight while hit by the Oak Runestone effect, the monster will immediately, yet gently float to the ground. (I.e., the monster will not take falling damage.) Anyone being carried when the monster became grounded will be released and also land safely. (I.e., the former “passenger” will neither be crushed by the monster nor take falling damage.)

Assuming no further Oak Runestone hits, the effect will end after the next turn of the character who inflicted it. Here is one possible scenario to illustrate this timing:

Round 1: Monster wins initiative, attacks. On the party’s turn, Player A successfully makes an Oak Runestone melee strike on the monster.

Round 2: Monster goes first but cannot fly yet because Player A’s turn hasn’t come around again.

Runestones are single use items that are turned in to the coach prior to starting an adventure. The effects will be added to your overall stats. One runestone may be used per adventure.

Text On Token: If struck with melee weapon, monster may not fly for 1 rd (1 use, redeem at start)

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