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Ring of Lycanbane - 2013 (Gold)

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For the purpose of attacks made on lycanthropes, all physical attacks (including a monk open-hand attacks) made by the wearer are treated as if they were made by silver weapons. This ring does not literally transform the weapon into silver–it merely confers the effect that a silver weapon grants. Thus any physical attack made by the wearer cannot be regenerated or healed by lycanthropes.

If a character wearing this ring becomes infected with lycanthropy, the ring ceases to function until the infection is cured. While infected with lycanthropy, a wearer of this ring suffers no ill effects.

Weapons & ammunition made from or coated with silver do not deal extra damage to lycanthropes. (Silver Sickle is the sole exception.) However, damage from silver weapons/ammo cannot be regenerated or magically healed by lycanthropes.

Text On Token: All weapons treated as Silver

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