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Ring of Treasure Finding - 2022 (Gold)


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If no other treasure-enhancing tokens (regardless of rarity or permanence) are equipped, the player receives one additional Treasure Chip at the end of the adventure.

If a variable-effect token is being used to gain Treasure Chips, Ring of Treasure Finding does not stack with it. E.g., if the Amulet of Wonder’s effect for that year increases Treasure Chips gained, Ring of Treasure Finding and Amulet of Wonder can’t be equipped by the same character. If the Amulet of Wonder’s effect requires a die roll and one of its potential effects is bonus treasure, if the die roll results in a bonus treasure effect, you must either un-equip Ring of Treasure Finding or re-roll the Amulet of Wonder effect.

Text On Token: +1 treasure Chip if you equip no other treasure Enhancing tokens

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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