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Trent Tokens Auctions

Ultra Rare PYP #23

Welcome to Trent Tokens Auctions!

To bid you will need to either sign in or create an account. All winners will be notified via email once the combined reserve total for all listings in this auction is at least $7,500.

After winning an auction, you'll receive an email with a link to pay for what you have won. And of course, as with any Trent Tokens purchase, you'll earn XP and be able to cash in XP to use as Coupon Codes when checking out. Once the tokens are received from True Dungeon, your order will be shipped just like any other order from Trent Tokens. As always, you may request that your order(s) be held until you are ready for everything to be shipped.

If you have any questions or need assistance, click the Ask us a question link above or use the Contact page. Good luck!

This listing is for one 2024 PYP Ultra Rare of your choice. After you win you can leave a note during checkout, respond to the "you won" email, or I'll contact you for your choice*.

2024 PYP Ultra Rare Choices:

  • +2 Mystic Staff of the Ancients
  • +2 Savage Sword
  • Acherin's Biting Bow
  • Armor of the Ancients
  • Boots of Brawling
  • Bracelets of Bounding
  • Charm of Shared Recovery
  • Charm of the Ancients
  • Death Knight Cloak
  • Death Knight Shield
  • Earcuff of Sage Spite
  • Figurine of Power: Cat
  • Gloves of the Gladiator
  • Greaves of the Stalwart
  • Ioun Stone Amethyst Prism
  • Kilt of Divine Healing
  • Lenses of the Fae
  • Libram of Looting
  • Ring of the Ancients
  • Robe of the Ancients


*You may choose a 2023 Ultra Rare instead of a 2024 Ultra Rare.


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