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After winning an auction, you'll receive an email with a link to pay for what you have won. And of course, as with any Trent Tokens purchase, you'll earn XP and be able to cash in XP to use as Coupon Codes when checking out. Once the tokens are received from True Dungeon, your order will be shipped just like any other order from Trent Tokens. As always, you may request that your order(s) be held until you are ready for everything to be shipped.

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The user that invokes the power of this ring may cause one of several effects to occur. Once the ring is used, the magic dissipates leaving the user with a 1,000 GP value ring. The possible powers which can be invoked include:

  • Heal entire party to full hit points
  • Resurrect/restore character killed and whose body is lost
  • Allow 1 character to equip two neck slot items for an adventure
  • Allow player to draw out 25 tokens from 1 treasure box
  • Give 1 character +5 Damage for entire combat

To take advantage of the ring’s power, it must be equipped–thus occupying one of the character’s ring slots.

Note: A Wish Ring is not usable in Virtual True Dungeon due to its power and rarity.

This token only becomes a 1,000 GP value ring after it’s used in the adventure or coaching room to grant the user a wish. When used as an ingredient for a transmuted recipe requiring a Wish Ring, the player does not get a wish, does not get a 1,000 GP value ring, and the Wish Ring token is not returned to the player.

If the wish has been expended, this token may not be used to fulfill a Wish Ring requirement in a transmuted recipe. However, it may be used to fulfill a recipe’s GP requirement if the recipe does not require a specific kind of Reserve Bar.

In 2017, all Trade and Reserve tokens were redesigned with new high-rez artwork and chocolate-brown backs. Owners of the old, gold-backed versions could have used their existing stock in transmuted recipes before December 1st, 2018. Free, one-to-one exchanges could have been done starting in September 2017. As of December 1st, 2018, the old versions are no longer exchangeable and may not be used in transmuted recipes.

Text On Token: Grants 1 Wish and then turns into 1,000 GP Ring

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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