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Yeti Cloak - 2012 (Gold)

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Grants immunity to non-magical Cold damage and immunity to all Cold Climate penalties.

Cold Climate Penalties:
Initiative: Due to the numbing effects of a Cold Climate, characters are slower to react to danger. For every party member not protected from the cold, the party suffers a -1 to their initiative rolls.

Spell Failure: Every time a character casts an offensive spell in a Cold Climate, the DM will quickly roll a d20. If the result is a 1, the caster’s hands are too numb to function and the spell is wasted (marked off of the character card). Offensive spells are classified as any spell that deals damage or requires an enemy to make a saving throw.

Weapon Drop: When fighting in a Cold Climate, if any weapon slide winds up outside the unmodified 11-20 areas on the combat board, those characters have dropped their weapons (an automatic miss) due to the numbness of their cold hands. It will take them one round to regain the use of any weapon as well as their hands, so any slide of 1-10 means that particular attack automatically misses and the character loses the next round’s action. (E.g., if a weapon is dropped in round 1, that character can’t attack until round 3 because that character must spend round 2 retrieving the weapon and warming their hands.) Monks fighting open-handed (flurry of blows) are immune to this effect, but if they use a non-bracer weapon they will be vulnerable. Affected characters cannot attack, cast spells, or take any other actions besides warming their hands. It can be negated by any magical protection that reduces Cold damage.

Text On Token: Immune to non-magical cold damage & Cold Climate penalties

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