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4th Anniversary Free Drawing - Live Saturday, May 15 At 6:00pm EDT!

Posted on May 08 2021

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it's been FOUR years since I started Trent Tokens? Well it has! I officially launched Trent Tokens on May 14, 2017 and my first order came in the next day May 15, 2017. Thank you again to Thomas from Ohio for placing the first order on my site. The order was 2 x 50 GP Ebony Scroll Tube and 2 x Alchemist’s Ink!

A little over a month later, on June 23, 2017 I started selling consignment tokens. And the next day on June 24, 2017 I had my first consignment order. Thank you again to Kirk from Georgia for ordering the first consignment token. The order was a 1st Tooth of Cavadar!

And now four years later on Saturday May 15, 2021 I will hold a 4th year anniversary FREE drawing during my YouTube show, True Dungeon Talk with Trent!

How do I enter the drawing?

There are two ways to enter the drawing!

1) Purchase something on Trent Tokens between May 14, 2020 and May 14, 2021 (cutoff at midnight EDT). If you've already purchased something within the past year, you're automatically entered! If you haven't purchased something yet, go to and purchase anything on the site by midnight on Friday May 14, 2021. And yes of course, consignment tokens or anything that crafters created counts too!

2) Watch the YouTube show drawing LIVE! Yes, you read that right, additional winners will be drawn from the pool of people who are watching the show live. So make sure you watch the show live on Saturday May 15 at 6:00pm EDT!

Wait, what? Prizes will be awarded to people who purchased from Trent Tokens AND who watch the show live?

Yes! To celebrate four years of Trent Tokens, FOUR winners will be drawn from everyone who purchased something in the past year. And then an additional FOUR more winners will be drawn from everyone who's watching the show live.

What if I win something from the pool of people who purchased something and also win something from the pool of people watching live?

That means you rolled back to back crits and will win TWO sets of prizes!

What are these prizes I keep hearing about?

Lots and lots of FREE stuff!

True Dungeon T-Shirts, True Dungeon Hats, Trent Tokens Steins, True Dungeon Silver Coins, Exclusive Trent Tokens Anniversary Buttons, 2021 10x Treasure Chips, 1,000 GP Gold Bar, 7th Tooth of Cavadar, Tankard of Celebration ("Who-ha!"), and much more!

If I win will I get ALL of those things?

Yes! Eight lucky people, four from the pool who purchased something in the last year, and four from who watches the show live will receive a SET of prizes that includes a True Dungeon T-Shirt, True Dungeon Hat, Trent Tokens Stein, True Dungeon Silver Coin, Exclusive Trent Tokens Anniversary Button, 2021 10x Treasure Chips, 1,000 GP Gold Bar, 7th Tooth of Cavadar, Tankard of Celebration ("Who-ha!"), and even more free tokens!


I know, right!?!


For the past four years I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you! You are part of an amazing group of people who have visited and supported Trent Tokens, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you very much!!!

If you want to sell your tokens on Trent Tokens, it's easy! Just email me and I'll tell you everything about it. The short version is send me a list of your tokens and a price, that's basically it!

In case you're curious what others think about the consignment program, here's something Wade from California said recently:

Trent is an amazing person, and a true pillar in the TD community! From sponsoring a reception at GameHole Con to supporting the first annual TD poker tournament at Origins, his generosity seems boundless.  

In addition, he supports those of us with a token addiction by maintaining and reserving part of his website for consignment sales. This process is spectacularly easy, with Trent even shipping the tokens for you, if you give them to him in advance. It's a great way to help spread the token love with your fellow TD enthusiasts, and put a little cash in your pocket (or more than a little, depending on the tokens).


Click here to read more testimonials from customers and consignors!

Don't forget to go to to subscribe. And make sure to click the bell icon to choose your notification options. As of this email we have 225 subscribers! Thank you very much to everyone who has subscribed so far, I really appreciate it. I hope to see you on Youtube on Saturday, May 15 at 6:00pm EDT!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.





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