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Current $8k Auction

This is the FINAL 2024 Auction!
(starting after Gen Con)

Auction 28 Start Date: After Gen Con
Current Status: $0.00 of $7,500.00

This auction is for a 2024 Super Condensed $8k order.

NEW TOKEN ADDED: Hireling Baker (+5 to hp healed when you ingest a healing item - 1/game).

All tokens are available for auction except the 9 to 10 random Ultra Rare and the chance at a Golden Ticket. The combined reserve total for all listings in this auction is at least $7,500.

All winners will be notified via email when the auction ends. After winning an auction, you'll receive an email with a link to pay for what you have won (you will have 48 hours to pay for your winning bid). You can choose any payment option you wish, and of course as with any Trent Tokens purchase, you'll earn XP and be able to cash in XP to use as Coupon Codes when checking out.

Once the tokens are received from True Dungeon, your order will be shipped just like any other order from Trent Tokens. As always, you may request that your order(s) be held until you're ready for everything to be shipped.

Check out the Auction FAQ if you have any questions, or contact me via the Contact link if you need assistance. Good luck!

Reminder: Once you win an auction, you will have 48 hours after the end of the auction to process your payment. If you do not pay within 48 hours, your winning bid will be cancelled and the next highest bidder will be declared the winner.

What are people saying about Trent Tokens Auctions?

I like having a click to bid and shopping cart check out option for auctions.
- Andy from Wisconsin

Thanks for your time and putting on the auctions. I love the format and bidding system.
- Christopher from California

Thanks so much for doing these auctions. Love the easy way I can update bids and the ability to track their status. Also, love that you keep updating the process based on feedback.
- Dave from Wisconsin

Trent, thanks for running $8K token auctions on your website!  I love that they are lightning style auctions (ending immediately after hitting $7,500 in bids) with eBay style bidding, those are my very favorite token auctions.  It's also great to be able to have instant feedback on whether you are the high bidder after you make a bid. Thanks for the time and effort you've put into setting up the auctions on the website and running them!
- Mike from Indiana

I love your auction system!  All the benefits of using Trent Tokens with the prices found on the forum auctions.
- Tim from Maryland

Trent Tokens is my go to site for purchasing tokens & token related merchandise! With the combination of consignment, surprise sales, and now auctions, there's always hidden gems worth looking at! Delivery has always been surprisingly fast and communication has always been beyond expectations.
- John aka Ogg from Colorado

Thanks so much to Trent for putting together such a simple and easy to use bidding system for a chance to access tokens I couldn’t afford and guild benefits I would never be able to use otherwise as a new player, without all the extra tokens I don’t need.
- Joseph from Tennessee

It is the perfect set up for an auction. The website lets you know right away if you are the high bidder and keeps all items separate so you know exactly what you are bidding on. It is a perfect, safe way to get the tokens you need because it has the reliability and professional operation of Trent Tokens.
- Sean from Texas

Trent Token Auctions is brain-meltingly easy to use, and with the userbase the site enjoys I know that things are fairly priced. The site offers SO MANY tools for players of all levels, from novice to token collector to Epic adventurers!
- Alan from Michigan

Trent's website is already the #1 place to get tokens on the secondary market...why not also sell auctions? I've had some great experiences being his customer for years and auctions are no different.
- Kelley from Michigan

If you would like to share your comments with others, please contact me via the Contact link, and thanks!

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