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Hi everyone, I'm Trent and welcome to my website, Trent Tokens!

I'm a big fan of True Dungeon and collecting tokens, and if you're a fan too, you're in the right place. If you're new to True Dungeon, fret not, I'll do my best to help. My first True Dungeon experience was at GenCon in 2016, and I've been hooked ever since. So if you have any questions, please let me know.

I started this website because I wanted to provide a place for fans of token collecting a central location to purchase True Dungeon tokens and accessories.  Whether you're just trying to find a set of tokens to prepare for your True Dungeon run, or if you're a collector looking to expand their collection, I hope Trent Tokens will be a site you'll consider when making a purchase.

If you don't see a token you're looking for, if you'd like to see a particular accessory made available on the site, or if you're a crafter looking to sell their wares, please contact me.

What do customers say about Trent Tokens?

Corey from Indiana said, TRENT IS THE BEST! This is my overall review of the website. Website is great, functions very well. All the search functions work great. Trent is the best and has made my foray into token collecting great. Thanks so much!

Dustin from Illinois said"Being new to True Dungeon, it is nice to be able to buy from a trusted source like Trent Tokens. Trent Tokens came highly recommended to me from my veteran True Dungeon friends - and I can see now it was for a good reason. Trent Tokens is excellent to work with - a good selection at good prices, and quick shipping. I highly recommend!"


Tim from Maryland said"Trent Tokens has been the go to place for my Party and I for building our token collections.  We couldn’t be happier with Trent, the great prices, and generous rewards program!


Myron from Utah said"Tokens purchased on Trent Tokens have been very well priced and are shipped quickly.  I have been very pleased with the availability of the assortment of tokens and prices.  I will definitely return for additional purchases.”

Ross from United Kingdom said, "I have made several orders with Trent and have always been very happy with the communication, speed of posting, site rewards, and everything else about the experience. There is always a large range of tokens available and I have consistently found Trent happy to accommodate any needs I may have. Orders shipped overseas have been well-protected and arrived safely."

What do consignors say about Trent Tokens?

"I consign Token Starter Kits (which I create) on Trent's site. My goal is to help new players bridge the gap between Normal and Hardcore play. I have always loved helping people sometimes to my detriment. My kits aren't about making a ton of money in fact, most of them would be worth more selling the individual tokens than together as a set. I just really enjoy seeing new players increase their fun and flexibility. I was selling them exclusively on my True Dungeon forum store but I figured out that by the time most players had a good grasp of the forum, they were past the point of needing my product. That's where Trent comes in. He has a lot more players of all levels visiting his website. So they have sold much better since I started Consigning with Trent. Trent is incredibly prompt getting the profit to me as well. Lastly,  I often shop on Trent Tokens when I'm looking for a particular item. I find Trent's prices to be the most reasonable around."

“I started doing consignments on Trent Tokens shortly after Gen Con 2019. Trent has made the experience simple and streamlined. I ship him the items, and he posts them and handles sales and fulfillment to customers. Trent Tokens makes it easy for me as a creator to get my token accessories to the community!”

"As a person using the consignment program, it is super easy. Trent makes the whole process a pleasant experience."

“Selling tokens on Trent Tokens has been very easy.  He provides a very profitable relationship.  After a sale the money is quickly transferred to my PayPal account.”
“My experience consigning items with Trent Tokens has been fantastic. Trent has been professional and thorough throughout the entire process. He has helped me to reach out to fellow dungeoneers better than I had hoped for and has treated me more than fair. 10/10!”

"For years, I thought about selling tokens I wasn't using, but just couldn't find the time. Trent makes this process so easy.  I can't say enough good things about him or his site. Certainly, without Trent's site I wouldn't have the money to get more tokens that I really want or need. Three years? I hope his site keeps going for another thirty. Thank you, Trent Tokens!"

"Trent is an amazing person, and a true pillar in the TD community! From sponsoring a reception at Gamehole Con to supporting the first annual TD poker tournament at Origins, his generosity seems boundless.

In addition, he supports those of us with a token addiction by maintaining and reserving part of his website for consignment sales. This process is spectacularly easy, with Trent even shipping the tokens for you, if you give them to him in advance. It's a great way to help spread the token love with your fellow TD enthusiasts, and put a little cash in your pocket (or more than a little, depending on the tokens)."

"Like many token collectors, I have many random tokens that no longer fit into my build, but would make great additions for either collectors or newer players. However, researching, pricing, listing, taking payments and shipping tokens off was a huge job that held no appeal. Trent Tokens has been a total win for me as a way to convert my excess tokens into cash (more tokens anyone?) with minimal effort. Trent is great to work with, answering questions and providing great feedback. Trent’s consignment service is highly recommended!"
"Selling items on Trent Tokens is easy!  No hassle!  And the money keeps coming in!"

"Easy. Flexible. Cost-Effective."

"Trent, I would just like to say that you have been an immense pleasure to work with when it comes to both consignments and sales. You are always eager to help, answer questions, and provide advice and feedback on pricing. Your hand-written notes on every order are an absolute pleasure and I feel you're very much a pillar of the TD community. Thanks for all you do!"

"Trent’s consignment program has sped my characters’ rise through the dungeon difficulty levels they can handle. Wisely price tokens you pulled but don’t need, patiently seek bargains among tokens others have consigned, and you too may do well."

“Trent Tokens is the fastest and easiest way to sell any tokens.”

"Trent provides a great service for the community at a fair price. He takes care of the entire transaction from end to end. I have been super pleased with his support and all around customer service. He really does make it as easy as possible. He has been fantastic to work with. Thanks Trent!"

“Regardless of the time of year, Trent keeps the token economy running in high gear. He has a huge inventory of all levels of tokens at the best store prices. This is the only place I consign tokens and the first place I look to buy tokens."
"I have been using the consignment program for 3+ years now and it has always been an easy way for me to get the product I make to the players that use it!"

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