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FREE Pizza, Skull Con, & True Dungeon Volunteer Katrina Miles Live Chat - Sat. June 11th 6PM EDT!

Posted on June 05 2022

Hello fellow True Dungeon fans!

I hope those of you who are going to Skull Con (06/17 - 06/18) are getting excited. If you haven't heard yet, I'll be there too!

I have soooo much to share in this newsletter that I created a Table of Contents. Check it out below and all of the awesome things!

Table of Contents of So Many Awesome Things:
  1. Katrina Miles Interview - True Dungeon Talk with Trent
  2. All you can eat & drink FREE pizza & soda
  3. Coupon for 1 free Critical Hit Soda at Skull Con
  4. Three Signature Drinks at Skull Con
  5. Trent Tokens 4000th order

1. Katrina Miles Interview - True Dungeon Talk with Trent.

The next episode of True Dungeon Talk with Trent is with long time volunteer and NPC Katrina Miles! It's on Saturday, June 11th at 6PM EDT and I hope you can join me live!

We'll talk about how she first heard about TD, her numerous NPC roles, D&D, the military, how she used to babysit anime voice actors, and much more! So make sure you tune in live to get your questions answered directly by Katrina!

Here's a promo we shot for the show:

Here are a few pictures of NPC roles Katrina has played.


2. All you can eat & drink FREE pizza & soda

To all Skull Con attendees arriving on Thursday, June 16th! If you like FREE pizza and FREE soda, you're in luck! On Thursday night (06/16), from 6pm to 10pm at the Hampton Inn there will be FREE pizza and soda for all!

We will have the Saluki conference room to ourselves all night, so everyone is invited to bring games, etc., to play all night. But the hotel did ask us to be out by 5:00am, so let's say that's the cutoff time...hehe.


Here are more details and don't forget to take the quick yes/no survey to let me know you'll attend. I need to know how much pizza to order!

Thursday, June 16th
6:00pm - 10:00pm (free pizza/soda)
6:00pm - ??:?? playing games you bring, etc.

Saluki Conference Room
Hampton Inn
2175 Reed Station Parkway
Carbondale, IL 62901

All you can eat FREE pizza and all you can drink FREE soda! Playing games you bring with your fellow TD fans!

What kind of pizza?
Quatro's Deep Pan & thin-crust pizzas. Lori said they're the best in the area so we'll get a bunch of each (

What kind of soda?
Beau, a big TD fan has a new fantasy themed soda truck called Critical Hit Soda. His soda truck will be at Skull Con on Friday and Saturday (look for free drink coupons in your Skull Con packets), but on Thursday night at this pizza party all the drinks are free from 6pm - 10pm!

Here's the Critical Hit Soda menu
(sugar free options are available)


3. Coupon for 1 free Critical Hit Soda at Skull Con

For all Skull Con attendees, make sure to check your packets for a 1 free Critical Hit Soda (any size) coupon sponsored by Trent Tokens!

4. Three Signature Drinks at Skull Con

At the FREE pizza/soda party and Skull Con on Friday/Saturday, there will be 3 Signature Drinks available from the Critical Hit Soda truck: Trentus the Barbarian designed by Trent, Chad is Not Awesome designed by Lori, and Lori is Not Awesome designed by Chad!

What will be your favorite?

5. Trent Tokens 4000th order

For the eagle eye Trent Tokens fans, you saw a mysterious post on my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of a screenshot and the number 3999. That meant that the next order, no matter the amount, was going to be FREE! Since I started Trent Tokens in May of 2017, I've done this for the 1000th, 2000th, 3000th, and now 4000th order. Keep an eye out for the next thousand orders to see if you're the 5000th one and get yours for FREE!
The lucky recipient of the free 4000th order was Steve Austin! In the near future I'll do a quick YouTube chat with him about his order. Stay tuned!

Don't forget to go to to subscribe and make sure to click the bell icon to choose your notification options. As of this email we have 317 subscribers! Thank you very much to everyone who has subscribed so far, I really appreciate it. I hope to see you on YouTube Saturday, June 11 at 6:00pm EDT!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.




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