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Posted on September 26 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the Trent Tokens September 2018 Newsletter!

I have many new things to announce on my site, so if you're a big fan of True Dungeon, buckle up...this is the update for you!

First up, True Dungeon books!
True Dungeon books you say? You might be thinking to yourself, "I didn't even know there were True Dungeon books." I know right!?! Well there are; there have actually been two published, one called "Hope for the Lost" and another called "The Path of Stone." I found copies for my collection a while back, but ever since I started Trent Tokens, I've been eagerly trying to find more copies so that I could share them with fellow TD fans, and now I finally have!

If you're not familiar with these books, "Hope for the Lost" was written in 2008 by R. Dennis Baird (also known as Widseth). The title of the book is the same name of the TD adventure in 2008, and it was intended to be a recap of the previous two years of the TD story arc. It's an incredible book, and an awesome thing about it to me is that many of the characters in the book are based on real life TD players and volunteers! You'll surely recognize some of them.

For the super True Dungeon fans out there, the copies of "Hope for the Lost" I've acquired are really special. They each have autographs of players and volunteers who have characters based on them in the book. The author and Jeff have signed it too!


"The Path of Stone" was written in 2013 by Jon C. Cook. This book is full of excitement, intrigue, and danger. By reading it you get to experience an extended version of an awesome True Dungeon adventure. You'll enjoy reading about a Dracolich named Smoak, the hearty Dwarves of Icecrag Keep, and a group of ten heroes trying to discover the fate of the missing Dwarves. If you're a fan of D&D type adventures and True Dungeon, you'll love this book.


In addition to now offering two books written about True Dungeon adventures, authored by True Dungeon players, I've also begun to offer fantasy novels written by a long time True Dungeon player, David Gerspach.

David has written multiple books in his Verdan Chronicles series, and I'm very proud to offer the first three books on my site:
The Fourth Age: Verdan Chronicles Volume 1

Dark Passages: Verdan Chronicles Volume 2

Heroes of Bardoom: Verdan Chronicles Volume 3

To celebrate the debut of David's books on Trent Tokens, there's a Free T-Shirt Promotion. Each purchase automatically enters you into a free t-shirt drawing! The awesome artwork on the t-shirt is by the illustrator of the Verdan Chronicles covers, Amy Nagi.

This promotion ends October 15. Men and women's style available. There will be one random winner for every 10 books ordered (Volumes 1 - 3). The more books you buy, the more chances you have to win!

I highly recommend all of the new books on my site! Click here for more info



Elf Wizard Starter Kit - C21

Next up, Character Starter Kits!
A Consignor has created 12 True Dungeon Character Starter Kits and they're now available on Trent Tokens.

The majority of the tokens are Rares, and you get a free Token Tube with each set!

Click here to see the Character Starter Kits


Token Tubes (Square) - 20 Tokens 

Speaking of Token Tubes!
We have a new Accessory on Trent Tokens, it's a Token Tube!

These Token Tubes (Square) are perfect for storing up to 20 tokens. The lid snaps on very tight, and even if you hold it upside down and shake it with 20 tokens inside, the lid will not pop off easily!

Click here to see the Token Tubes


At last but not least, Character T-Shirts!
SnakeEyes (Eric), a long time TD player and wonderful artist, has designed True Dungeon Character T-Shirts and they're amazing. If you want to be an adventurer, you've got to look the part, so you've got to get this magical armor for the next time you go on a True Dungeon run! They're also great for when you play D&D or for any of your friends who play D&D or True Dungeon!

Click here to see the T-Shirts


Have you seen the new Token PopSockets on Trent Tokens?

Check Out PopSockets by Laz!

In case you didn't know, a PopSocket is a collapsible grip and stand for cell phones and tablets. And a Token PopSocket is a PopSocket with a Token permanently affixed to it. This is a new offering on Trent Tokens that I'm proud to feature, created by one of the cornerstones of the True Dungeon community, Lazlo!


Check out the Trent Tokens Binders!


As always, if you're looking for a specific token or accessory and you don't see it on Trent Tokens, please let me know and I'll do my best to help you find it.

Thank you again for subscribing to the Trent Tokens monthly newsletter.  And always feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

I hope to see you at Gamehole Con in November!




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