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True Dungeon Talk With Trent - David Haas Live Interview - March 25th 6PM EST

Posted on March 19 2023


Hello fellow True Dungeon fans and happy First Day of Spring tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed Tomb of Terror Chapter 3, I sure did! I'm really looking forward to Chapter 4 in April, but before then I hope you can catch the next episode of True Dungeon Talk with Trent - Saturday, March 25th at 6PM EST! The next episode will feature David Haas, a True Dungeon volunteer, long time player, member of the Blue Brotherhood, and a Doctor in the real world. You won't want to miss it!

We'll chat about how he got into TD as a player and volunteer, try to learn some secrets about the Blue Brotherhood, and also try to figure out how he can survive in the muggle world as a real life doctor. And of course we'll take live questions from the audience, so make sure you tune in live to get your questions answered directly by David!

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Welcome to a new offering on Trent Tokens!

$25 off Introductory Special!

From running so many auctions I have a good amount of random 2023 Ultra Rares, and I'd like them to find a good home, so I'm trying something new to see if it will work and people like it.

When you purchase this item, you will receive one of the below 2023 Ultra Rare tokens. When I receive your order, I'll roll a D20 and whatever number appears will correspond to the below numbers (tokens are in alphabetical order) and that's the token you'll receive! I'm thinking of making a TikTok video of each roll when an order comes in, what do you think of that?

I have plenty of each in stock* and good luck!

  1. +2 Sacred Sling
  2. +2 Sun Scimitar
  3. Arcane Charm
  4. Bead of Bounty
  5. Bead of Dark Resistance
  6. Boots of Puhweehwa
  7. Cloak of Retribution
  8. Druegar's Death Die
  9. Earcuff of Orbits
  10. Figurine of Power: Phoenix
  11. Gauntlets of Divine Guidance
  12. Greaves of Absorption
  13. Grunnel's Funnel
  14. Ioun Stone Kyanite Cube
  15. Lenses of Flawsight
  16. Necklace of the Zephyr
  17. Ring of the Savant
  18. Robe of Healing
  19. Shirt of the Shrewd
  20. Tome of Useful Scrolls

Note: if I roll a number and no longer have the corresponding token available, I'll roll again until I have an available random Ultra Rare.


Learn more about Tomb of Terror Chapter 4!

I hope you already have your VTD tickets for Tomb of Terror Chapter 4 (April 14 - 16), but if not click here

If you've read down this far, thanks! And if you also like tokens, you're in luck. I just added A BOATLOD (technical term) of tokens to Recently Added, so check them out!

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As always, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.





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