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True Dungeon Talk With Trent - Jeff Martin Live Interview - Jan. 7th 6PM EST

Posted on January 02 2023


Hello fellow True Dungeon fans!

Welcome to 2023! This year True Dungeon celebrates their 20th anniversary, woo hoo!

I hope you and yours have an awesome 2023 and beyond. And speaking of an awesome 2023, let's start it out right by announcing the next episode of True Dungeon Talk with Trent - Saturday, January 7th at 6PM EST!

In this episode I'll interview Jeff Martin LIVE! We'll discuss how the preparation is coming along for the next Virtual True Dungeon event, Tomb of Terror Chapter 1 (January 14 - 16). We'll also chat about the Patron run (January 13), when we can transmute 2023 tokens, and of course take live questions from the audience. So make sure you tune in live to get your question answered directly by Jeff!

If you have already subscribed to Trent Tokens on YouTube, thank you very much! If you haven't yet, please go to to subscribe, like, choose notification options, share with your friends and enemies, and all of that other algorithm stuff!

Learn more about Tomb of Terror Chapter 1

I hope you already have your VTD tickets for Tomb of Terror Chapter 1 (January 14 - 16), but if not click here!

Have you heard that the NEW True Dungeon Medallion of Nobility Token is here!!?

If you've read this far down, I have a special offer for you!
You may or may not know this, but every January I put a note like this in the newsletter to thank you for your support in the previous year. For the lucky fans (can I call you fans?) who read this far down, you'll learn how to earn up to FOUR FREE $10 off coupons. You're right, that's up to $40 off a future purchase at Trent Tokens!

How do you earn a $10 off coupon?
Step 1 - You must have placed an order during 2022. If you did, you received a yellow Trent Tokens token of appreciation with your order.

Step 2 - Take a picture (or video) of the yellow Trent Tokens token of appreciation next to something that you ordered. It could be a token or tokens, a mug, binder, something a crafter made, or anything else you purchased from the site. And yes, of course consignment tokens count!

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Step 5 - Do Step 4 by the end of January 31, 2023.

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How many $10 off coupons can you earn?
You can earn up to four! Just follow the above steps and do the hashtag/mention thing for Trent Tokens at FacebookTwitterInstagram, and/or TikTok. For each one you'll earn a $10 off coupon, so that's up to $40 off a future purchase at Trent Tokens!

How will I get my up to four FREE $10 off coupons?
Once I see the hashtag/mention, I'll contact you via the email address in your Trent Tokens account and award you 1,000 XP once per platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or TikTok ). And as I hope you know, all the XP you earn can be converted to future coupons!

If for whatever reason you post and I don't reach out to you promptly, feel free to email me a link to the post and I'll credit your account.

Please note - you can only earn 1,000 XP ($10 off) once per platform. For example, one or multiple pictures on Facebook = 1,000 XP ($10 off). The special is not 1,000 XP per picture on Facebook. But you can use the same picture(s) on multiple platforms, that's OK!

If you have any questions, please email me.

Don't forget to go to to subscribe, and make sure to click the bell icon to choose your notification options. As of this post we have 349 subscribers! Thank you very much to everyone who has subscribed so far, I really appreciate it and I hope to see you on YouTube Saturday, January 7th at 6PM EST!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.





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