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Two new very hard to find tokens for my personal collection!

Posted on December 16 2017


I'm elated to share with my fellow True Dungeon token collectors that I have FINALLY acquired two very hard to find tokens for my personal collection! It's the 2007 +2 Bracers of Defense, and the 2012 Bag of Beans! Here's a little more info about both:

2007 Ultra Rare +2 Bracers of Defense
This is listed as Dungeon Only in the True Dungeon Token Database, but I'm not sure if it was technically that. It also wasn't part of the Ultra Rare set that year. In order to originally acquire this token you had to first turn in an Ultra Rare Special token, and then you had to make a slide on the combat board.

If you hit a 1 - 14 you received a random Ultra Rare, a 15 - 19 got you the bracers, and a 20 got you the bracers and a random Ultra Rare.

Not many were won that day, and they've very rarely become available to purchase or trade since then. This was the first one that I've ever seen available, and I leaped at the chance to acquire it!

2012 Rare Bag of Beans
This is another token that is listed as Dungeon Only, which wasn't probably right for either of these tokens. The Bag of Beans was part of the Golden Ticket run and inside the pouch of tokens that all of the GT winners received.

This token could have been exchanged at the end of the Truecraft event for the three prizes for completing all of the Truecraft mini-games in 2012. The were the Earcuff of Abjuration, Earcuff of Divination, and Earcuff of Enchantment.

This means that this was another very difficult token to originally acquire, and was also the first time that I've seen one become available.

These are both now two of my most favorite tokens in my collection. Leave a comment below and tell me about some of your favorite tokens in your collection!



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  • Trent: December 17, 2017

    Yeah Arnold, Raven is absolutely one of the greatest members of the True Dungeon community. And congrats on those very sweet tokens!

  • Arnold: December 17, 2017

    I ordered a stock of polymorph potions a little while ago. The seller mistakenly had a Polymorph Potion Cobra thrown into a pile of Scrael potions. That was a great turn of luck, as 0 sellers had the Cobra potion available for purchase.

    My other favorites would include two that were gifted to me by Raven – Boots of the Marauder & Shade Cloak. Raven had read some of my early posts and was paying forward some good fortune that Barry W. had paid her. Receiving these transmutes from a total stranger was amazing, and it turned out to be the warmest welcome I could receive as a new member. When I later found out what a renown member Raven was, I was even more delighted.

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