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+1 Bracer of the Dragonfist - 2008 (Platinum)


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Like all +1 weapons, the DM will add +1 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

Worn on the wrist of a monk when making flurry of blows attacks, what would normally be armor becomes an offensive weapon. The token is placed in one of the monk’s combat sliders but both sliders are still used per normal open handed combat. If a player possesses two of these items, both may be used in the open handed sliders.

You may mix and match bracer weapons. E.g., a monk could wear a +1 Bracer of the Dragonfist on one wrist and a Bracer of Smiting on the other.

If you equip a bracer-weapon on one side, you may not equip, use, or benefit from a hand-held melee weapon on that same side or vice versa. E.g., you could equip a bracer-weapon on your left wrist and use a flurry-compatible hand-held weapon in your right hand, but you could not equip both a bracer-weapon and a hand-held weapon on the same side. However, unless they are part of a set-bonus, you may switch one or both bracer-weapons for another bracer-weapon(s) while in the dungeon. You may not swap a bracer-weapon(s) for non-weapon bracers–or vice versa–while in the dungeon.

Text On Token: Usable by Monk in place of open hand attack

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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