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+1 Mithral Long Sword - 2008 (Gold)


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Like all +1 weapons, the DM will add +1 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

When fighting incorporeal undead, the 50% chance to miss is negated. (E.g., when fighting a ghost, even if you slide a hit, there is still a 50/50 chance your weapon will harmlessly pass through it.) This does not mean you are guaranteed to hit an undead target when attacking with this weapon. Other than being a +1 weapon, this item gives no special bonus when attacking corporeal undead. When fighting incorporeal non-undead creatures, the 50% miss chance is not bypassed.

This item is part of the Mithral Sets.
Mithral Trio
When three items are equipped, all breath weapon damage inflicted upon your character is halved.
(There is no Mithral Quartet bonus, but the benefit from the Mithral Trio bonus would still affect the character.)
Mithral Quintet
When five items are equipped, in addition to the Trio bonus, the character gains Deadbane: any successful melee attack from an undead monster on the character deals 10 points of damage to the undead attacker.
Mithral Sextet
When six items are equipped, in addition to the Trio and Quintet bonuses, the +1 Mithral Long Sword will instantly kill a dragon if the player slides a natural 20 and the 8 or 9 on its damage wheel is closest to the damage dot on the combat board.
Mithral Boots

  • Mithral Boots
  • +2 Mithral Bracers*
  • +3 Mithral Bracers*
  • Mithral Cap
  • Mithral Chainmail
  • Mithral Gauntlets
  • +1 Mithral Long Sword
  • TaMor’s +4 Mithral Bracers*

*All these items occupy the wrist slot so only one of them can be worn at a time. E.g., a character can’t wear +2 Mithral Bracers and TaMor’s +4 Mithral Bracers at the same time.

Text On Token: (no miss chance vs. undead. Ranger can use in off-hand)

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