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Trent Tokens

+1 Thrall Faerie-Iron Skull - 2016 (Gold)


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Like all +1 weapons, the DM will add +1 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

This weapon deals an additional 3 damage when it’s used to score a hit against a Fey or Fae creature.

This weapon must be thrown–it cannot be wielded as a melee attack. Because it’s a thrown weapon, the thrower’s Strength bonus is added to damage. Monks may not throw more than one of these per combat round.

These items may be retrieved at the end of combat, but each specific token can only be used once per combat.

Text On Token: Thrown weapon. +3 pts of damage to Fey (1 use per combat)

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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