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+2 Mug of Battle - 2022 (Gold)


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Adds +1 to all saving throws

Monks & rangers are the only classes that can attack with this item. Like all +2 weapons, the DM adds +2 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

The player must equip this item in their melee offhand slot for the entire game. It may be swapped out to make a ranged attack, but may not be swapped out for any other melee weapon, shield, or offhand item.

Monks & rangers may wield a +2 Mug of Battle in both hands if they have two +2 Mug of Battle tokens, but if they’re using only one +2 Mug of Battle token, it must be equipped in the offhand melee slot. If wielding a +2 Mug of Battle in each hand, no other melee weapons me be used the entire game.

If this item is equipped in both melee slots (mainhand and offhand), the net saving throw bonus is +1, not +2. (Same-named token effects do not stack.)

Text On Token: +1 to saves & must equip in melee off-hand slot for game. Monk & Ranger may wield in both hands (FoB wpn)

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