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+2 Sacred Sling - 2014 (Onyx)


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Like all +2 weapons, the DM will add +2 to the AC hit when using this weapon but the damage bonus has already been factored into the damage wheel.

The damage wheel includes 2 points of Sacred damage which will be deducted if the victim of the attack is immune to Sacred damage.

If a cleric wielding this weapon slides a natural 20 against an Undead target, the Undead will be immediately destroyed if the 8 in the is closest to the damage dot on the combat board.

Note: Undead suffer double damage from any source of Sacred energy, but Good-aligned outsiders take no damage from Sacred power. Therefore, when attacking Undead with this weapon, a successful hit will deal +2 damage in addition to the weapon’s normal damage. However, if this weapon hits a Good-aligned outsider, only the Sacred portion of the damage is negated, thus this weapon will deal -2 damage.

Text On Token: Damage includes 2 pts of Sacred Any “20” destroys undead if is facing damage dot when used by Cleric

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