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3x Treasure Chips - 2019 (Yellow)


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This token is no longer redeemable for True Dungeon treasure. It is a collector's item.

Treasure Chips are rewarded for completing an adventure. This token counts as three Treasure Chips and may be exchanged for three randomly drawn tokens from a treasure generator or possibly redeemed for True Dungeon swag.

Treasure Chips (of any denomination) may only be redeemed in person at official True Dungeon events–they may not be redeemed by mail. Only current-season Treasure Chips may be redeemed.

True Dungeon seasons begin with Gen Con in Autumn and end just before Gen Con the following year. E.g., 2017 Treasure Chips may first be redeemed at Gen Con 2017 and then at other conventions any time before Gen Con 2018.

Text On Token: Redeem for 3 random treasure draws

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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