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Abyssal Lenses of Taunting - 2018 (Platinum)


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Once per game, a dwarf fighter may use taunt for a second time in a room. However, after the second taunt, the dwarf, but the dwarf will be stunned on their next turn.

Most tokens that can be used by “fighters” can be used by (human) fighters as well as dwarf fighters. However, this token may only be used by dwarf fighters.

Note: Taunt requires a Free Action to activate. This item allows a dwarf fighter to taunt twice in the same room, but not twice in the same round.

Stunned: Victim drops whatever is in its hands; cannot attack, cast spells, or play bardsong; and suffers a -2 AC penalty.

Text On Token: Allows an additional Taunt but character is Stunned for 1 rd after use (1/game)

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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