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Amulet of the Wind - 2013 (Gold)

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The wearer gains Free Movement: immunity to hold, paralyze, and slow spells or effects, as well as spider’s webbing or similar sticky substances.

This item is part of the Wind Set.
When all three Wind items are worn, the wearer gains the feather fall effect and invulnerability to non-magical missiles.

  • Amulet of the Wind
  • Cloak of the Wind
  • Earcuff of the Wind

Note: Boots of the [North/South/East/West] Wind are not part of the Wind set.

Feather Fall: Immune to falling dangers. The rate of descent is slowed, allowing the character an easy recovery from any fall. If a character falls from a great height (e.g., off a bridge or chasm), the character will automatically make it back to safety.

Text On Token: Immunity to Hold, Slow & other hindrances

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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