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Ascension: Verdan Chronicles Volume 12 - signed by David Gerspach

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David is a long time player of True Dungeon, and also a wonderful fantasy novelist. If you're a fan of the exciting worlds and heroes in games like True Dungeon and Dungeons & Dragons, you'll love the Verdan Chronicles series by David Gerspach.

Your copy will be signed by the author!

Synopsis - It all comes down to this. The war between the Jyrans and the Ak'turi has ended. In its wake lies a devastated planet. The looming threat over the universe remains, but there are more challenges that await Celecia and Dakoran before the end. This final volume in the series details the aftermath of the war and how life has changed for the survivors. The wizard, Celecia, is done seeing her family suffer and resolves to devote her remaining time to them. But how much time does she have left? How much time before she must succumb to the inevitable...Ascension.

Author Biography:
David lives in Southeast Wisconsin with his wife, two sons, a grandson, and two dogs. When not working, spending time with family, or playing True Dungeon, he likes to find a quiet place to further the adventures of the characters he created in the fantasy world of Verdan. The Verdan Chronicles started out in the 1970s as exercise in creating a world in which to play Dungeons and Dragons. But the characters and their stories never went away and over thirty years later found their way into these pages. Enjoy.

Publication Date:
January 25, 2022

Book Size:
6" x 9"


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