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Belt of Blessed Constitution - 2017 (Light Blue)


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Adds +2 to Constitution (thus adding +1 to Fortitude saving throws and +1 to max HP per character level)

This Transmuted token required all of these items to construct:

  • Belt of Baneful Mettle
  • Cloak of Many Pockets
  • 2× Alchemist’s Ink
  • 2× Alchemist’s Parchment
  • 6× Mystic Silk
    plus ONLY ONE of the following:
  • Elder Orb Eye
  • Lava Beast Nugget
  • Spidaur Venom
  • Succubus Horn
  • 300 GP

Last Day to Transmute: December 1, 2018

Text On Token: +2 to Constitution

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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