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Boots of the Leopard - 2008 (Gold)


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Mechanical trap damage inflicted upon the wearer is reduced by 50%. They do not reduce magic damage of any kind, even from magical traps.

As long as the trap is mechanical, the effect from this item stacks with other point-based items that mitigate trap-damage, but not other items that reduce trap-damage by a percentage.

Mechanical Trap: a physical (non-magical) hazard that gets sprung on the party as they advance through the adventure. Puzzles are not traps. “Push” damage as a result of not completing a room challenge in time is not a trap. Puzzle and/or Push damage might sometimes be described as a “trap” for flavor purposes, but their damage is not mitigated by this item.

Text On Token: Wearer takes half damage from mechanical traps

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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