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Charm of Spell Storing - 2022 (Gold)


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Once per game, wearers of this charm may cast one Spell from their character card as a Free Action and without marking it off the card. This free Spell is not “cast as a scroll” and may be modified.

This charm allows any of the character’s Spells to be cast for free, even if all uses of that Spell have already been marked off the character card.

This charm does not require the character to decide in advance which Spell will be cast.

This charm cannot be used to affect spells from scrolls or items.

This charm can be used to cast a Spell if its wearer’s hands are holding something or even if they’re bound or immobilized–as long as the wearer is able to utter the command word to activate the ring. However, this charm will not function in magical silence, whether the user’s hands are free or not.

If the wearer uses this charm to cast a Spell requiring a slide but the wearer has already made an attack slide (any kind) that round, don’t disturb the first puck slid–just slide a different, unused puck.

The wearer of this charm cannot equip a Ring of Spell Storing.

Non-spellcasters may equip this charm, but they gain no benefit from it.

Text On Token: May cast a Spell for free as a Free Action. Can’t equip this and RoSS

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