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Charm of Spell Swapping - 2019 (Gold)


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The wearer may re-cast a damage or cure spell the character already cast if a higher level spell is sacrificed. If the character has no available (not yet cast) higher-level spells, this item has no effect. It cannot be used to re-cast spells which neither damage nor heal. This effect cannot be used more than once per round.

The re-cast spell must be either healing or damage-inflicting, but the sacrificed spell can be any type of spell. E.g., a druid could sacrifice neutralize poison to re-cast cure light wounds.

Example 1: Sendrulin the druid has cast all his 1st-level spells but none of his 2nd-level spells. He’s now battling a fire elemental and knows his Firebolt won’t do any damage against this foe. Using the power of his Charm of Spell Swapping, he sacrifices (the DM marks off) one of his 2nd-level spells to re-cast Freezing Orb. In this case, he chose to sacrifice his Firebolt, but he could have also sacrificed Cure Moderate Wounds or Neutralize Poison. Even though Neutralize Poison neither heals nor damages, it’s a valid target for sacrificing because only the spell being re-cast needs to heal or damage.

Example 2: Andrassa the elf wizard wants to re-cast the 1st-level spell Instant Safeguard. Even though she has all her 2nd-level spells available, she cannot use the Charm of Spell Swapping to re-cast Instant Safeguard because it does not heal or damage.

Text On Token: May re-cast a damage or heal Spell if a higher level Spell is sacrificed

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