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Cloak of Blending - 2016 (Gold)


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As long as the wearer takes no offensive action, the wearer cannot be visually targeted by the monster with a melee or ranged attack. The list below defines what an offensive action is. If it’s not on this list, it’s not considered an offensive action:

  • Physically attacking
  • Casting a damage-inflicting spell
  • Casting a spell which requires a magic/spell resistance check
  • Casting a spell requiring the monster to make a saving throw

If the wearer performs an action which negates this cloak’s effect, the cloak’s effect cannot be used again for the rest of the room.

Some creatures are capable of locating prey via non-visual means, including scent or sound. This cloak does not provide protection against non-visual detection.

This item does not prevent the monster from affecting the wearer with an attack or effect that affects multiple targets.

Though the net effects are similar, this item is superior to a Cloak of Elvenkind because a CoE does not allow the wearer to perform any action.

Note: If the wearer is the last living party member in the room, the monster will discover and may target the character.

Regarding Taunt: Taunt requires the monster to see and hear the character doing the taunting. Using taunt while under the influence of Cloak of Blending’s concealment power would be ineffective and a waste of that ability (its use will be marked off the class card). Nevertheless, taunt is not an offensive action (see first paragraph) so it doesn’t break the concealment this cloak provides. 

Text on Token: May not be targeted by sight for melee or ranged attacks until you take an offensive action

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