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Cloak of the Wind - 2013 (Gold)

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Adds +1 to all saving throws and Shock damage inflicted upon the wearer is reduced by 5

This item is part of the Wind Set.
When all three Wind items are worn, the wearer gains the feather fall effect and invulnerability to non-magical missiles.

  • Amulet of the Wind
  • Cloak of the Wind
  • Earcuff of the Wind

Note: Boots of the [North/South/East/West] Wind are not part of the Wind set.

Feather Fall: Immune to falling dangers. The rate of descent is slowed, allowing the character an easy recovery from any fall. If a character falls from a great height (e.g., off a bridge or chasm), the character will automatically make it back to safety.

Text On Token: +1 to saves & -5 to damage from shock

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