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Commander’s Holy Symbol - 2016 (Gold)


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Adds +2 to the damage normally caused when turning undead, but only when turning corporeal undead (those with a physical body.)

Though this item does not deal any additional damage when turning incorporeal undead (ghost, spectre, wraith, etc.), the cleric’s standard turn undead damage would still be applicable. (I.e., clerics can still turn incorporeal undead, they just don’t get any bonus to the damage when doing so.) When turning a group comprised of both corporeal and incorporeal undead, the +2 damage applies only to the corporeal undead, but all undead will take at least some turning damage.

Your cleric character may not benefit from more than one holy symbol per adventure–even if you, as a player, own more than one. (The gods don’t care for competition.) When applicable, you may use the same holy symbol multiple times. However, neither stacking nor swapping holy symbols inside the adventure is permitted.

This is a permanent item and is not consumed on use.

Text On Token: +2 to Turn Undead damage corporeal undead

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