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Drow Rations - 2015 (Gold)


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Heals 5 HP of damage, but the consumer is stunned on the round following the round this food was consumed. E.g., if a character ate this on round 2, that character will be stunned for all of round 3.

In almost all cases, eating one of these rations out of combat (either in a puzzle room or after the monster has been defeated) has no negative consequence since rounds are generally not tracked out of combat. However, if there is a non-combat situation where rounds are tracked, the one round stun effect will matter.

Stunned: Victim drops whatever is in its hands; cannot attack, cast spells, or play bardsong; and suffers a -2 AC penalty.

Text On Token: Cures 5 pts of damage but you are Stunned for 1 rd

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