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Druid's Sacred Vestments - 2022 (Platinum)


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Healing Spells (not scrolls or items) the wearer casts heal +2 points of damage if the player passes the druid skill test. If the Spell does not have a skill test (e.g., cure minor wounds, a 0-level spell), it cannot benefit from this item.

If a Spell under the influence of Druid’s Sacred Vestments can affect more than one target, the druid gets a pool of 2 extra healing points to allocate among the party. E.g., if a druid casts a Spell that heals all ten party members 1 HP (and the player passes the skill check), there would be a total of two additional HP healed, not 3 HP to all 10 characters. The druid may apply the 2 bonus points of healing to one recipient or a single bonus point of healing to a total of two recipients.

Text On Token: Healing Spells you cast heal +2 hp if Skill Test is passed

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