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Dungeon Delving Buttons: Series One - C70


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Announcing a new product offering exclusively on Trent Tokens, Dungeon Delving Buttons: Series One!

Show everyone your True Dungeon spirit and character class by wearing one of these 12 buttons, which have been custom made specifically for the True Dungeon experience!

Each button contains the character class name and an illustration related to one of their core abilities.

You will receive ALL 12 buttons:

* Barbarian
* Bard
* Cleric
* Druid
* Dwarf Fighter
* Elf Wizard
* Fighter
* Monk
* Paladin
* Ranger
* Rogue
* Wizard

The size of each button is slightly smaller than a TD token. It's a perfect size to add to your convention lanyard. Start or add to your button collection today!

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