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Elixir of Life (R) - 2005b (Wooden)


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Restores a dead character to life. The character is resurrected with full hit points. The resurrected character will not gain back any expended spells or limited use special abilities. This must be used in the room where the death occurred.

It can also be used by a living character to restore full hit points.

Note: When used to bring a dead character back to life, this potion must be administered by another (living) character.

Q: Can a character revived with “Elixir of Life” take an action the same round they were revived?
A: It depends. If the revived character has not already taken an action that round, yes. If the character has performed an action then dies, the character can be revived the same round but may not take another action until the next round.

Text On Token: (Restores dead player to full HP)

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