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Equinox Runestone - 2017 (Gold)


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All your physical weapons (not spells nor wholly magical effects) gain the bonuses of both Iron (+3 damage to Fae or Fey) and Silver (the bane of Lycanthropes) weapon media. The aforementioned bonuses are added to whatever bonuses/penalties the weapon already possesses. This runestone does not change the physical properties of the weapon. E.g., a Dwarven Stout Staff remains wooden (and can be enhanced by Ring of the Woodworker) and still deals extra damage to Giants.

Runestones are single use items that are turned in to the coach prior to starting an adventure. The effects will be added to your overall stats. One runestone may be used per adventure.

Text On Token: Weapons gain Iron & Silver subtype bonuses (1 use, redeem at start)

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