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Trent Tokens

Figurine of Power: Brownie - 2017 (Platinum)


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Once activated, if attacking with a ranged weapon that fires ammunition, the player may use a second ammunition token each round. The second ammunition token must deal HP damage. This figurine’s effect lasts for the rest of the room. Only one attack slide is made and only one target can be hit unless the attack is already capable of damaging more than one target–e.g., Sling Bullet of Dividing or Arrow of Ricochet. (If attacking with two Arrows of Ricochet, the attacker may assign the extra 20 damage to a single secondary target or 10 extra damage to two different secondary targets.)

This figurine does not compel its owner to use ranged attacks, nor does it compel its owner to use ammunition tokens. The player is free to attack (or not attack) as desired.

Both ammunition tokens must be turned in before initiating the attack slide. The player may use two different ammunition tokens or two same-named tokens. Both ammunition tokens are lost, whether the attack hits or not–unless the attacker is a ranger-warden. Ranger-wardens get both ammunition tokens back if the attack misses.

This token does not cause the target to be hit twice, it adds additional damage–per the ammo tokens’ bonuses–to a single hit.

Only ammo tokens may be used with this item’s power. It does not grant additional damage with mundane ammunition. It does not affect thrown weapons in any way.

This item’s effect can only be activated once per adventure. Like all figurines, this item can be activated instantly, without requiring any kind of Action–Free or Standard.

Text on Token: May use (turn in) 1 additional ammo token every round for 1 room (1/game)

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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