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Figurine of Power: Moth - 2017 (Gold)


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When activated, the owner becomes immune to Confusion for the rest of the room.

This item’s power may be used to remove an existing Confusion effect as well as prevent a Confusion effect. If desired, the owner may activate this item before the first d20 roll is made to determine what the victim’s actions are for that round.

Confused: When victims become Confused, their actions are determined by rolling a d20, as shown below.

Roll: Action

1–2: Attack the entity which caused the Confusion with a weapon, if possible

3–4: Act normally

5–10: Do nothing but babble incoherently

11–14: Cower in a corner, unable to act (per Feared)

15–20: Attack nearest ally (player physically closest)

This item’s effect can only be activated once per adventure. Like all figurines, this item can be activated instantly, without requiring any kind of Action–Free or Standard.

Text On Token: Negates Confusion effect for 1 room (1/game)

Official True Dungeon Token Database Listing

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