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Figurine of Power: Salamander - 2016 (Gold)


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After being activated, the salamander will negate up to 8 points of Fire damage that would have been inflicted upon the owner. The absorption effect lasts until the end of the room or until at least 8 points of Fire damage have been negated, whichever comes first. E.g., if you would have taken 10 points of Fire damage, the salamander absorbs 8, so you only take 2 Fire damage. If you would have suffered 6 points of Fire damage, the salamander absorbs all of it and could still absorb up to 2 more points of Fire damage later in the same room.

The salamander negates the Fire before it damages you. Effects triggered by damage (Fire or otherwise) cannot be triggered by this item unless the Fire damage exceeds 8 points and you actually take damage. Effects triggered by healing are not ever triggered by this item because this is not a healing effect.

This item is only usable once per adventure. Like all Figurines, this item can be activated instantly, without requiring any kind of Action–Free or Standard.

Text On Token: Negates up to 8 pts of Fire damage taken by you in 1 room (1/game)

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