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Gloves of Retrieval - 2020 (Gold) - C17


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Note: This is a Consignment Token (hence the C17), which means a True Dungeon adventurer is selling it through Trent Tokens. But as with all Trent Tokens products, once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a tracking number and your token will be promptly mailed to you!

These gloves allow the wearer to retrieve and drink one potion as a Free Action once per combat. It does not work for other liquids like oils or salves. The word “Potion” must be printed at the top of the token for it to work with this item. E.g., it cannot be used to drink from a Flask of Survival as a Free Action because a flask is not a potion.

These gloves only work for the wearer. As a Free Action, they allow the wearer to drink a potion. They cannot be used to instantly feed another person a potion. These gloves do not prohibit you from feeding another person a potion, but they will not enable you to do so as a Free Action.

Gloves of Retrieval cannot be used to make an attack with an alchemical weapon as a Free Action–even if the alchemical weapon has the word “Potion” in its name.

Note: Only one Free Action is allowed per round. Therefore, the effect from this item cannot be combined in the same round with another Free Action. E.g., you could not drink a potion as a Free Action using the Gloves of Retrieval and coat a weapon with an oil using Pouch of Tulz as a Free Action in the same round. You could drink the potion as a Free Action and coat your weapon as a Standard Action, but that’s all you could do that round.

Text On Token: May drink 1 potion as a Free Action

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